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How to Change Facebook Password in Urdu if Forgotten

Posted by hasnain sial
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    It becomes very annoying when you forget your Facebook password. You may tear your hair out to recall it but all in vain. It would be a great news for you to know that facebook has a proper password reset system that allows you to reset your passward by usually a number of different ways. The options available for you are determined by the reset options that you have mentioned in your facebook account. We have a thorough procedure written in this article for you so that it would be easy for How to Change Facebook Password in Urdu if forgotten.

    These given Tips to Change Facebook Password is in English in case when it forgotten soon Tips in Urdu also Updated…

    • If you have forgotten your Facebook password, you can change your password by the password rest set tool. If you use Facebook on your mobile, tap “need help” option on the app’s main page.
    • Click the “for your password’ link. You will find this link at the top of the Facebook login page.
    • Enter your email address, user name, full name or phone number to locate your account. You can only use the phone number option, if you have the Facebook account associated with your phone number rather than your email address.
    • Now you will have several options available on your screen that depends on the recovery options associated with your account. You have to choose the passward reset option from these.
    • You can choose my Google account that will help you in changing your password by logging in.
    • Use “email me a link to reset my password” which will send an email to your address with a link to set a new Facebook password.
    • The option, “text me on a code to reset my Password” will send you an SMS on your phone number with a code that will help you to reset your password.


    • If you do not have access to your Google account, your email address or your phone number, you still have an option that is “No longer have access to these?”. By clicking this option, you will be taken to a page where you can enter your new email address or new phone number. After that you have to answer a few security questions to reset your password. The question to reset your password. These questions are set to verify your identity. This process is time taking.
    • Whatever, the method you adopted, you have to retrieve the code that you received through any of the above mentioned mediums. Enter the code on the page that will appear after a few moments. This is the password reset page on which you will find the box where you will enter the code.
    • After entering the code, you will have the option of creating a new password. Now make sure, your new password is strong, meaningful and easily remembered. A tip to remember password for long and avoid this rectic process of resetting the forgotten password, is to avoid changing your password frequently. Hopefully after this its easily to understand that How to Change Facebook Password in Urdu if Forgotten.
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