CG 125 New Model By Atlas Honda With Euro 2 Technology

If one desire a bike that should be giving you a perfect ride then this is the motorcycle right and perfect for you. This has the best quality, its working of parts are quite effective one. Its performance and also economic mileage is making this bike to be on the top most spot. In past its fuel consumption is one major issue in it, that why number of peoples prefers other bikes on it. But now introduction of Euro 2 Technology make it petrol efficient as well as it must improve the engine life. If one will ride on it then you yourself will say that it is one of the most powerful one which you have tried so far! If you are taking this bike on a bad road then you will not feel that vibrations because this has the feature of elastic shocks in it. Best riding and seating position is given by this one.

As it discuss earlier that a latest technology is introduced in it. This model encompasses in it the new and latest cutting edge that makes it one of the leading one. If we talk about its capacity of engine then it is seen that its engine can well generate 11 horse powers.

  • Price: One Lac Five Thousand


Moving back to its fuel economy then it can give you a Mileage average of Forty Five Kilo Meter Per Liter. It has a dry weight of Ninety Nine Kg so yes you can have a smoother ride on it. Mean while its drum brakes must help to stop it immediately. It has non asbestos kind of brake shoes. What you will love the most about this bike that it is inducted with best tanky.

Technical Specs:




It has a stylish look that comes with graphics. It has a sleeker looking Front Light and Back Light is available in new and latest shape. Now rumors are that company also give a warranty of three years, that is good for customer satisfaction.  Discussing about colors options that they fail to add a new shade in it, one must need to pick one amonf them.


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